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  Individual Shots In the Studio  

"There’s a wanderlust to the songs, a desire to explore the world and everything in it and while the overall effect could be called dreamy but it’s more substantial than that, and Reiman shows that good music doesn’t have to bleed or be played in a minor key. Well worth checking out." - Americana UK

"Breathy, charming, early ’00s indie-pop a la Belle and Sebastian/Death Cab for Cutie/you know what I’m saying." - Independent Clauses

"Songs like “A Vacation from my Mind,” are easy to listen to and make you kind of want to kick back in a hammock and enjoy a cold glass of lemonade while listening to the crickets chirp. In a sense this music is like taking a vacation. - Innocent Words

"An upbeat track clearly in the vain of ’60s rock such as the Beach Boys. The music is happy and generally calm but still has enough energy to dance to while relaxing on a beach vacationing from your mind." - Magnet

"Harmonically elegant with a pop sensibility, the “less is more” approach works very well for Reiman. He is a good songwriter whose delivery is intimate and pure." - Playback

"Debut EP “Walking in the Unknown” is an enjoyable gathering of pop/rock tunes that showcase Reiman’s abilities as a singer, guitarist and piano player. Chock full of toe-tapping melodies, the six- track platter figures to leave you with a smile on your face." - Pittsburgh in Tune

"Subtle nuances in it’s production are what help to elevate this over your standard singer-songwriter fare, whether it’s the little bits of keys that he incorporates, or the breathy, oohing backing vocals, or the pleasant melodic turns he takes. It all comes together in a neat, intriguing little package of a song that hints at Reiman’s seemingly endless ceiling as an artist." - Striker Bill